Working with the Zoom Toolbar

The Zoom toolbar provides a convenient way to display an image document in the Imaging design Environment and to display a perforated pattern design in the Tooling Generation Environment. Other functionalities of this toolbar are panning, area selection and activation of shape selection by clicking Normal to call the Normal event.


Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The Zoom toolbar where the built-in zoom factor pop up menu is open


The Zoom toolbar consists of 9 graphical buttons and 1 child menu for the built-in zooming factor. The buttons (from left to right) are described as follows:

  • Fit On Screen – enlarges or reduces the document size to fit the current Document Design Screen.
  • Actual Pixel – displays the digital image document in its actual pixel size.
  • Zoom In – zooms in the digital image document by 5% each time you click this button.
  • Zoom Out – zooms the digital image document out by 5% each click.
  • Built-in Zoom – opens a child menu with 12 menu items any of which may be clicked to display the digital image document in a particular zoom factor. In the Tooling Generation Environment however, the maximum zoom factor is only 500%. The 750%, 1000% and 1500% menu items are disabled).
  • Pan – calls up a Panning event which enables you to move the document around on the Document Design Screen using the mouse. The cursor icon changes into a “hand” icon.
  • Normal – calls up a Normal default event when either opening an existing digital image document or creating a new image document. When clicked the mouse can be used to select, move around, edit or delete a shape component. When clicked the menu icon is an arrow icon.
  • Zoom Window – calls up a Zoom Window event to define a rectangular area on the Document Design Screen in which the image is zoomed in and occupies the Document Design Screen proportionally. The cursor icon changes into a magnifying glass icon.
  • Rectangle Selection – calls up a Rectangle Selection event in order to define a rectangular region on the Document Design Screen in the Imaging Design Environment. When you are about to manipulate the image (e.g. Blur or Invert) and the rectangle selection exists, the manipulation changes only the selected rectangle region.
  • Circle Selection - This menu item is similar to the rectangle menu item with the exception that the selection region is in the circular area instead of rectangular.