Working in Tooling Generation Environment

The Tooling Generation Environment is the second phase in Image2Punch Software in generating the perforated pattern from your image document. To access this environment click the Tooling tab on the Navigator Bar. Three events can be selected in this environment. The Normal default event has a cursor graphical button on the View toolbar by which you can perform some tasks or processes associated with Normal event. The other events are Zoom, Window and Pan. All events in this environment behave in a similar way to those used in the Imaging Design Environment. All three events can be accessed from the Standard toolbar.

Some exceptions or limitation apply to all these events in this environment. For example, in Normal event, zoom in or zoom out are the only tasks or commands you can perform in the Document Design Screen by using the wheel button of your mouse. In the Zoom Window event, the maximum zoom 500%.


Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

 Tooling Generation Environment where a perforated pattern design has been generated from its image document, taken from Image2Punch Genesis