Working with the Text Toolbar

The Text toolbar is a property of the text shape. It consists of an editor box, a font type combo box and 5 buttons with a child context menu for each button. The Text toolbar is disabled in the Tooling Generation Environment.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The Text toolbar with the child menu of the font style button open

The Editor Box is where a string of text is defined when it is added into the image document.

  1. The font type of the string can be defined by selecting the font from the Font Type combo box. The size of the font can also be defined by clicking the Font Size button to show its child menu which has two sub groups. The first consists of 15 menu items of built-in font sizes from 6 to 24 pixels. The second consists of a menu item used to open the Custom Font Size dialog box where you can define custom font size with a range from 1 to 500 pixels.
  1. The Font Style button opens a child menu consisting of 6 menu items. By default, all text is regular font style.
  1. The Font Colour button opens a graphical child menu from which text font colour can be selected from its database.
  1. The fourth button opens a child menu which allows definition of the string alignment. The three child menu items are Left Alignment, Center Alignment and Right Alignment.
  1. The last button allows you to define the angle direction of the string when you add the string into the digital image document. By default all strings is at 0 degree. There are 2 sub groups in the child context menu of this button. The first group consists of 6 menu items which allow you to select a pre-defined angle direction. The second group consists of 1 menu item. Clicking this menu item opens the Custom Angle Direction dialog box.


All the graphical icon of the last five buttons in Text toolbar reflects the item menu you have selected from particular button. For example, when you choose Italic menu item on Font Style button, the button icon will shows Italic menu item’s icon on Text toolbar.