Working with the Status Bar

The Status Bar is the only toolbar that cannot be undocked (floating). The purpose of Status Bar is to give information about the image size, image type, sheet size, cursor position, current zooming factor and about the particular functionalities of an icon or button. It is divided into 6 panes each giving particular information about your image document and the perforated sheet.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The Status Bar in Imaging Design Environment


Each pane is described below (from left to right)

  • The Description Pane gives information when the cursor is over a particular button whether in the Navigator Bar, or toolbars or menu items on the Menu toolbar. For example, when the cursor is over the Statistic button, the pane will show “Statistic report” as the description of the button. When the cursor is not over a button or menu item, it will show “Ready”.
  • The Progression Pane indicates the perforated pattern generation status. When the small blue bar is full, this indicates that the generation process is complete.
  • The File Type Pane shows the type of digital image format (e.g. JPG or TIFF) in the Imaging Design Environment. However when a new image is created and has not been saved, it shows “UNKNOWN” as the image document file type. In the Tooling Generation Environment, it will show “Punch Pattern” as the file type.
  • The Size Pane shows the image size in pixels in the Imaging Design Environment. In the Tooling Generation Environment it shows the sheet size in millimeters.
  • The Cursor Pane shows the current cursor position on the Document Design Screen.
  • The Zooming Pane shows the current zooming factor.