Working with the Menu Toolbar

The Menu toolbar consists of nine menus: File, Edit, View, Drawing, Image, Filter, Tooling, Window and Help. Each menu consists of groups of menu items which perform related tasks. For example, on File, you can click the New menu itemto create a new image. When clicking New, a dialog box will open to define the size of the digital image you are about to create. You can close the Image2Punch Software application by clicking Close on File. When the cursor is over a particular menu item, it will show a “Tooltip” a brief description of the task the menu item performs.

The “Tooltip” when the cursor is over Exit on the File menu taken from Image2Punch Pro

Not all menu items in each menu group may be used in all phases. For example, all the menu items in Drawing as well as in Image are disabled when you are in the Tooling Generation Environment. Likewise, Tooling is disabled when you are in Imaging Design Environment. When an item menu is disabled, it is “grayed out” and cannot be clicked.

All the menu items on Image are “grayed out” in the Tooling Generation Environment, taken from Image2Punch