View Menu

View menu consists of six sub groups separated by separator lines. The first, second and third sub groups control the visibility of toolbars and the Navigator Bar. The fourth and the fifth sub groups give you the option as to how the document is zoomed. The last group is to change the application theme according to the user choice. View menu is available in the Imaging Design Environment and in the Tooling Generation Environment.


Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

View menu in which all the toolbars plus the Navigator Bar are visible and the current state is “Normal”.


All the menu item functionalities in the View menu can be described as follows:

  • Menubar – shows or hides the Menu toolbar.
  • Standard Toolbar – shows or hides the Standard toolbar.
  • Zoom Toolbar – shows or hides the Zoom toolbar.
  • Text Toolbar – shows or hides the Text toolbar.
  • Pattern View Toolbar : This shows or hides the Pattern View toolbar.
  • Navigator Bar – This shows or hides the Navigator Bar.
  • Status Bar – shows or hides the Status Bar.
  • Zoom In – zooms in on an image on the Document Design Screen.
  • Zoom Out – zooms out on an image on the Document Design Screen
  • Fit On Screen – enlarges or shrinks the document down to fit the current Document Design Screen.
  • Actual Pixel – displays the actual pixel size of the image document.
  • Zoom Window – calls up the Zoom Window event to define a rectangle area on Document Design Screen. This is where the image is zoomed in and occupies all the area in Document Design Screen proportionally. The cursor icon will change into a magnifying glass cursor.
  • Pan: When clicking this menu item, Pan event is called up so that by using the mouse you can move the document around on the Document Design Screen. The cursor icon changes into a “hand” cursor.
  • Normal – calls up a Normal event, a default event when an existing digital image document is opened or a new image document is created. When clicked (i.e.  turn on), the mouse can be used to select, move around, edit or delete a shape component. The cursor icon in this event is changed into an arrow cursor. 
  • Theme* – consists of three options to change the application theme: Basic (The best performance), Standard (Good performance and appearance) and Enhanced (Better appearance)

* The only available theme on Image2Punch Lite is basic menu.