Tooling Menu

In Tooling Menu, there are 2 menu items and a child menu.

  1. Clicking Material Property opens the Material Property dialog and allows you to define the sheet size, thickness and material type.
  2. Clicking Statistic directs you to the Print Preview dialog where all generated information regarding perforated pattern is displayed and screened. You can print the statistic report while in the Print Preview dialog.

The child menu on Tooling, for Pro and Genesis, consists of 13 menu items which are classified into two sub groups all of which deal with Tooling Database management. You can add, delete or modify tools in the Tooling Database by clicking the type of tool you want to use. For example, by clicking the round tool database menu item you open the round tool database dialog.

For Image2Punch Lite, the only available Tooling type is round shaped tool.

More information regarding the menu item functionalities in Tooling Menu can be found in Tooling Generation Phase chapter.


Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The Tooling Menu and the child menu of the tooling database consist of 13 types of tools (for both Pro and Genesis)

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The Tooling Menu in Image2Punch Lite