Tool Selection

The Tooling Selection panel consists of 2 command buttons with information about the number of tools used for generating the perforated pattern design and the minimum clearance between the selected tools.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

 Tool Selection panel


The first command button is Select Tools. Clicking Select Tools buttons, opens the Select Tool dialog box allowing you to select the tool as well as to define the minimum clearance in millimeters. You can add as many tools as required to generate the perforated pattern design as long as those tools have been recorded in Tooling Database Library.

The second command button defines the tool order. When the order of selected tools is Normal, the button title is Normal Tool Order. When the order of the selected tools is Reverse, the button title is Reverse Tool Order. This parameter sorts the tool sequence into either an “ascending” or a “descending” list.

The two information rows below the command buttons in this panel show how many tools have been selected to generate the perforated pattern and the minimum clearance between the tools.