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What are the benefits ?

A decision to purchase Image2Punch Pro is definitely right for your perforated metal project. Here is what purchasing Image2Punch Pro gets you:

  • Licence key to unlock the Retail version of Image2Punch Pro
  • Generate as many perforated pattern design in DXF format as you want (up to 900000 holes or tool hits for round shape tool) without having to convert it using the CAD Conversion service.
  • More features compared to Image2Punch Lite and Genesis
  • Free Update for any Bug fixes for the version you have (if any)
  • Purchase multiple copies and get massive discount! Please contact me immediately!
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee


100% Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Image2Punch Pro or Lite  within 30 days after you purchased the licence, I will return for a full refund of the purchase price. Image2Punch Pro or Lite comes as Trial version so you can give a try to see whether the program can help you to solve your problem.  

If you purchased a licence key and aren’t satisfied with the programs, just let me now for a full refund of the purchase price because my customer satisfaction is important to me and I don’t deserve your money if the software cannot satisfy your needs.

Please contact me and I will process your refund as soon as possible.


Please Note:

The license you have purchased is only valid for one PC and be unique to that PC. In the event of a license key loss, a change in your computer's configuration or re-installing a new system in your PC (e.g. because of computer viruses), the Machine Code may change and your licence will not valid anymore.

Therefore, you may need to get a new licence key to match with the current Machine Code on your PC. And it is my policy that you have the right to acquire 5 RENEWALS licence key without charge.


More information about purchasing procedure please click here. 


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For The U.S. and Canada based customers, please contact me for any enquiry.


If you or your company reside in Australia or New Zealand, please contact me to purchase Image2Punch with other option available ( i.e. Bank transfer to Australia and New zealand Bank)

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