What is Image2Punch ?

Image2Punch is CAD software used to generate custom perforated patterns based on virtually any digital image document. The perforated pattern can then be converted into a DXF file format for a variety of purposes either at design stage or in the manufacturing process.

At the design stage, for example, you can use the perforated pattern to create digital perforated sheet metal for, an example, an integrated component of your 3D presentation. In the manufacturing process, it can be used as a tooling layout to generate a CNC ( Computer Numerical Control) file.

The CNC file can then be used to create physical custom perforated sheet metal using CNC Machinery such as a Turret Punch or Laser Cutting machine.

Unlike common perforated sheet metal which usually has uniform pattern, Image2Punch allows you to create a custom perforated pattern based on your own image document. The perforated metal sheet based on the custom perforated Image2Punch pattern can be applied diversely to;


  • architectural products
  • agricultural equipment
  • cabinet making products
  • sanitation equipment
  • pollution control devices
  • custom lighting template and screening
  • sunscreen and decorative cladding
  • internal Studio Wall with Perforated Pattern
  • custom sound suspension
  • Virtually any other possible application you might name

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch


Who is Image2Punch for ?

Image2Punch is developed specifically for helping those who are dealing with perforated metal project and this could be you if you are;


  • CNC Turret Punch machine owner/programmer/operator
  • CNC Laser Cutting machine owner/programmer/operator
  • Lanscape designer
  • Interior and exterior designer
  • Street furniture designer
  • Architect and Industrial technologist
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Sound technician
  • CAD/CAM designer
  • Car park fascia and Cladding designer
  • Signage designer, or
  • a person who deals with perforate sheet metal