Working in the Imaging Design Environment

The Imaging Design Environment is the first phase in Image2Punch Software at which you may edit or modify your image document before generating the perforated pattern design. You are directed to this environment automatically either when you open an existing image or when you create a new digital image document. The default event is the Normal event (this has a “cursor” graphical button on the View toolbar) which means you can perform some tasks or processes which have been associated with the Normal event.  

Any one of the 21 events in the Imaging Design Environment can be selected by clicking the particular graphical button either on the View toolbar or on the Drawing Tool control panel located in the Navigator Bar. You can also select a particular menu item to choose a particular event from the Menu toolbar (e.g. Selecting Pan which is located in the View menu to pan the image document). Each of the 21 events in the Imaging Design Environment is represented by a graphical icon button that symbolizes the task or process associated with it.


Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The event buttons in the Imaging Design environment