General & Licencing


G1. Is Image2Punch an application for converting a sketch drawing into a CAD file? I have a CNC profile cutting machine and I need to convert my hand sketched design into DWG/DXF file(s) for profiling and contouring. Has the software been designed for this purpose?

G2. Why are there are Pro, Lite and Genesis in Image2Punch? How much does the licence cost?

G3. Can you clarify the difference between the Pro and Light version of your software? The website is not completely clear to me.  All I am seeing as the benefits of one over the other is upgrading to newer versions & client server mode. Are there any hole limits, file size limits, file format options, etc?

G4. Can you tell me more about Image2Punch Genesis and how can I use the service?

G5. How much is the discount if I purchased multiple licences?

G6. What is the relation between multiple licencing and discounting in purchasing the future version’s licence?

G7. I have been comparing your software with some others and would like to try yours by ordering a copy. If I did so, would I have to pay for an upgrade of the newer version that's coming out?

G8. We are about to change out some of these computers, will we need to buy more seats? My boss also wants some type of hard package, i.e. disk or flash drive for that reason.

G9. I visited your website and I downloaded the trial version of Image2punch pro. We are very much interested in this software. But before we go further we need to clarify the following: Is this software was developed in New Zealand?  Do this software has anything to do with Israel? (We ask this because of the star shape in your drawing tool menu) When we produce the DXF file from the trial version, the number of holes is limited to 2000. Do the licensed version has the same limitation? If we buy the software, it will be one time payment or there will be some annual fees for upgrade? What will be the final discounted price for the full version of the   image2punch pro software?