Customer Showcase

A collection of perforated metal product contributed by our Image2Punch's customer. We are very grateful for their help to show what are the result made of by Image2Punch Software

Perforate Sheet Metal Design SHowcase by Image2punch's customer



Production Demo Test

A collection of photos, taken from HSM Engineering (Auckland, New Zealand), where Image2Punch has been used to create demo samples for presentation.

All photographs have been taken with permission from HSM Engineering Management Team. Further information about HSM Engineering and how they can help you for your custom perforated sheet metal project may be found in their website (

Aucad Drafting Limited does not have any affiliation with HSM Engineering Limited.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch



CAD Pattern

A collection of perforated pattern designs in DWG file format which has been generated by Image2Punch. Feel free to use one or two of the files for your own perforated metal product test. You may make a presentation for your own company but may not be used for any commercial purposes.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch



3D Perforated Metal Design

Some examples of perforated pattern design from Image2Punch which are used to create perforated pattern-related 3D designs.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch