Edit Menu

Edit menu consists of two sub groups separated by a separator line. The first group consists of Undo menu item and Redo menu item. The second group consists of selection menu items; Rectangle Selection and Circle Selection. All menu Items in Edit menu are enabled only in Imaging Design Environment.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

Edit menu with the disabled Undo and disabled Redo menu items.


The explanation of all the menu items functionalities in this group are described as follows:

  • Undo: This reverses the current process and retrieves the last process. It is disabled under several conditions:
    • No processes have been previously recorded, or the original image has not been modified
    • The image has been saved
    • You are in the Tooling Generation Environment
  • Redo: This is only enabled when the undo button has been clicked. However, when you modify or alter the digital image soon after clicking Undo, Redo is disabled again as all the later processes are deleted after clicking Undo. Like Undo, this menu item is disabled in the Tooling Generation Environment.
  • Rectangle Selection: This calls up Rectangle Selection events in order to define a rectangular region on the Document Design Screen in the Imaging Design Environment. When you are about to manipulate (e.g. Blur or Invert) the image and the rectangle selection exists, the manipulation affects only on the selected rectangular region.
  • Circle Selection: This menu item similar to rectangle selection. The exception is that the selection region is in circle area instead of rectangle.