Tutorial 2: Creating Imaginery Logo

7. Generating Perforated Pattern Design

In this step, you will generate the perforated pattern based on the parameters below:

The Selected Tool ROUND R3.0,DIAMOND 5.0
Minimum Clearance (gap) 2.0mm
Tool Order Reserve
Sheet Size (W)1800mm X (H)1200mm X (T)3.0mm
Material Type Mild Steel
Perforated Pattern Type 60 Degree
Input Data Calculation Neighboring Pixels
Data Range Classification Diameter Proportion


To define all the parameters prescribed above, you need to follows the procedures and the principles which explained in the first tutorial when you created the Union flag. When all the parameters have been defined, click the Generate button on the Navigator Bar to generate the perforated pattern design.


Image2Punch Genesis Tutorial

The perforated pattern design generated from the image document



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