Tutorial 2: Creating Imaginery Logo

6. Image Manipulation

In this step, we want to distort the “Image” word using Image2Punch Genesis built-in image manipulation features. The steps can be followed below:

  1. Click the Rectangle Selection on the Navigator Bar to call the Rectangle Selection event.
  2. Create the rectangle selection to surround the “Image” word by clicking the Left button of your mouse twice ( the first click is to define the upper left corner of the rectangle and the second click is to defined he lower corner of the rectangle selection)
  3. Click the Wave button on the Navigator Bar to open Wave dialog box.
  4. Define 30 as the wave parameter.
  5. Click OK to proceed with the image manipulation on the selected area, where the “Image” word is located.
  6. Click the left hand button on your mouse to de-select the rectangle selection.


Image2Punch Genesis Tutorial

The upper text shape has been manipulated using Wave feature


On the step above, the image document has been manipulated locally by using rectangle selection. Now we want to add a smoothing factor on the image using Blur. To add blur into the image document, simply click the Blur button on the Navigator Bar and select 50 as the blur parameter.

The last step in creating the company logo is to apply the BackWarp image manipulation feature on the image document. Click the BackWarp button on the Navigator Bar and define 55 as the BackWarp parameter.


Image2Punch Genesis Tutorial

The complete company logo created in Imaging Design Environment


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