Tutorial 2: Creating Imaginery Logo

3. Inverting Image Document

To add black colour as the background of the lower half of image document, you are going to use the Invert and Rectangle Selection features of Image2Punch Genesis as described as below:

  1. Click Rectangle Selection button on the Navigator Bar to call the rectangle selection event.
  2. Define the first point of the rectangle approximately in the middle of the image document (in the vertical direction) by clicking the Left button on your mouse.
  3. Move the cursor beyond the lower right corner of image document  to define the second point of the rectangle selection.
  4. Click the Left button on your mouse to define the rectangle selection.
  5. Click the Invert button on the Navigator Bar to invert the background color.
  6. Click the Left button of  your mouse to de-select the rectangle selection


Image2Punch Genesis Tutorial

Illustration of the rectangle selection process


Image2Punch Genesis Tutorial

The image document background now has two colours



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