Image2Punch and Me



I am Fransiscus Herry. I wrote and developed Image2Punch for the first time in March 2005 when I was working as CNC/CAD programmer and operator for a sheetmetal company in Auckland - New Zealand.

I was inspired to write and develop the basic concept of Image2Punch because we could not buy similar-purposed software in the market for the Amada Vipros Turret Punch CNC machine.



In March 2005, I started creating the basic algorithm after seeing an image based perforated panel illustration from a commercial brochure in New Zealand. Then I develop a simple algorithm to process the image's pixel into a number.

In October 2006, I decided to re-develop Image2Punch and put all my efforts so that it might become professional software for creating perforated pattern designs to be used in many industries including architecture, sheet metal fabrication or even in fashion design.

After several months, I created a one-man-band company called Aucad Drafting Limited in July 2007 as a business structure to commercialize Image2Punch worldwide.

In March 2011, I and my wife moved into Victoria - Australia and close my own company, Aucad Drafting Limited. However, I still continue to run this software business and trade under my own name in Australia (Sole Trader).

In March 2014, Image2Punch has been commercially used in 34 Countries worldwide and the latest update is version 5.3.0.



The main goals of Image2Punch are to give customers great service and useful products that should be easy and intuitive to design and to generate pattern perforation.

In addition, I am greatly hoping that Image2Punch can bring a new dimension in designing perforated sheet metal for many real-world applications.

The latest development of the 5th version is that it will be able to save,re-load and set-as-default the tool configuration so the user can work effectively in designing the perforated pattern.

Although I am solely responsible for this entrepreneurship, I also receive help from a group of professional attorney, few contractors and freelancers to maintain and run all aspects of the business. My current motto is “Be Honest, Be Profitable and Have Fun in Programming !”.



If you have any questions or comments about Image2Punch, I would love to hear from you. If you need technical support or just need a question answered you will get the response straight from the creator, me.

I  also would love to hear how the pattern perforation generated by Image2Punch is applied in your business.



Fransiscus A. Herry