Tutorial 1: Creating Union Flag

9. Saving into Native Format (I2P)

To save the perforated pattern design into native file format, you need to define the parameter for the CAD output, in which all the step can be described as follows:

  1. Open the dialog box either by clicking CAD Output File Preference on File menu on Menu Toolbar or by clicking its graphical button on Standard toolbar.
  2. On the dialog box, define AutoCAD 2000 and DXF as the AutoCAD file format by ticking the button on the left hand of the option.
  3. Define the centre point by clicking the centre point button so the graphical button shows a circle with a centre point in it.
  4. Click OK to confirm or Cancel to retrieve the old parameter.
  5. Click I2P button on Standard Toolbar or Click Save As I2P Format menu item on File Menu on Menu toolbar to open the Save dialog box.
  6. Define the filename for the perforated pattern design.
  7. Click Save to save the perforated pattern design in the native file format.


CAD File Preference - Image2Punch Genesis Tutorial

CAD Output Preference dialog box where the center point is added for each “Tool Hit” (Image2Punch Genesis version 1.1)



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