Tutorial 1: Creating Union Flag

7. Adding New Tool into Database

In this step, you are going to create two new tools for generating the perforated pattern design based on the Union flag illustration. The tools you are going to define/create will use all the parameter below:

The 1st Tool is:

Name ROUND R5.5
Radius 5.5 mm
Colour Blue
Station 123


The 2nd Tool is:

Name              RECTANGLE (wXH) 7.5X10
Height 7.5 mm
Width 10 mm
Colour Red
Station 321


To add the tool:

  1. Open the Round Database Tool dialog box by clicking its graphical button on Tool Database Toolbar
  2. In the Tool Database dialog box, click Add to create a new tool and a row for the new tool is added with its default values.
  3. Replace all the default values with all the parameter defined above.
  4. Click Apply button to save all the database into persistent medium (i.e. a database file).
  5. Click CLOSE to close the dialog box.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 in order to add a new rectangle tool into the Tool Database Library.


Image2Punch Genesis Union Flag tutorial

A new row is added when you click the Add button.


Image2Punch Genesis Union Flag tutorial

A confirmation dialog box opens when the Apply button is clicked to store all information of the Tool Database




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