Tutorial 1: Creating Union Flag

2. Creating New Image Document

The new image document you are going to create is an illustration of the Union Flag. This is a simple but adequate exercise to give you  a good start in familiarizing yourself with all the feature commands you may use in the Imaging Design Environment.

To create a new image document:

  1. Open a new image document either by clicking New File on File menu on Menu Toolbar, or by clicking the Open File graphical button on Standard toolbar.
  2. In the New File dialog box, type the filename on Filename edit box as ”Union Flag”. The image size will be 640 pixels in width and 480 pixels in height.
  3. Click Background Color button to define the background colour of the new image document.
  4. Select Dark Blue as the background colour of the new image document to represent the background color of the Union flag.
  5. Click OK to create the image document.

New File dialog of Image2Punch genesis

 New file dialog



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