Working with Toolbar and Navigator Bar


To dock a toolbar that is floating or to move a toolbar that is already docked to a different side of the window, it can be done by clicking and holding down the left mouse button in the title bar of the toolbar you wish to dock, and start dragging the mouse.  Docking or floating Navigator Bar is similar like docking or floating a toolbar. The exception is that while you are dragging it around, you will see a group of pictures appear in the center and around the sides of your design area. These represent the edge of the application window side to be docked.

Unlike other toolbars, the Status Bar will stay as a docked toolbar. It cannot be undocked although it can be hidden or shown.

All the toolbars and the Navigator Bar are in docking state taken from Image2Punch Pro

Apart from the status bar all the toolbars and the Navigator Bar are in “free-floating” state taken from Image2Punch Pro


The Navigator Bar is in “free-floating” state and ready to be docked on any edge of the Image2Punch Pro window




The Toolbars and the Navigator Bar can be shown or hidden in several ways.

  1. Go to View on the Menu toolbar, then clicks the particular menu item you wish to hide or show e.g. Menubar or Zoom Toolbar. If a particular toolbar is currently open, there is a “tick” icon on the left hand side on the menu item.
  2. Click the right button mouse on the application framework area or on the “top header” of Navigator Bar. When you click on that area, a menu will pop up from which you can select or deselect the content to show or hide a toolbar as well as the Navigator Bar.
  3. Click the small “Downward Arrow” button on the right hand side of a toolbar.


View on the Menu toolbar taken from Image2Punch Pro


Clicking the right mouse button on the Image2Punch Pro framework area opens a pop up menu


Clicking the “Downward Arrow” button on the right of a toolbar opens a pop up menu taken from Image2Punch Pro


Push Pinning the Navigator Bar

When the Navigator Bar is docked to a side of the design window, it can either be "pinned" open so that it is always visible, or it can be left closed so that it "slides out" when you move the mouse over the panel name. To pin the panel open, click the push pin icon at the far right of the Title Bar. If the panel is already pinned, clicking this icon will hide it until the mouse is moved back over the panel name.


When the Navigator Bar is pinned it is stay open


When Navigator Bar is not pinned, it will slide out when the cursor placed over the Navigator Bar tab on the right hand side of the Navigator Bar