Viewing Distance to Get an Optimal Representation of the Perforated Pattern


To design a better perforated pattern and to make the pattern reflect the original image optimally, a designer should consider the viewing distance between the perforated sheet project and the people who will see it. The viewing distance has a relation to the average hole size and the centre-to-centre distance between holes as well as the open area. Thus, if a perforated pattern is supposed to be seen at a distance of about 10 meters (eg: a car park building fascia), at this optimal viewing distance they will automatically recognise the image that appears on the perforated sheet.

However when people see it at around 3 or 4 meters distance, they will just see the perforated pattern as a scattered, meaningless, hole pattern on the sheet.. On the other hand, if people see it from 20 or 25 meters away, they will see it as a dot image or a plain picture without automatically knowing that it is an art work created from a perforated pattern.

The pictures below illustrate what people see when the perforated pattern design is too close or too far away.


perforated pattern distance view too close  

Viewing distance is too close


perforated metal distance view too far away

Viewing distance is too far away