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Perforated metals

A unique, versatile, economic design resources

Writer : The Industrial Perforators Association

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This is an excellent handbook about metal perforation. This documentation was developed and published by the Industrial Perforators Association (IPA) to provide its members and their customers with information about perforated metal manufacturing. This e-book is in PDF format.

 It can be downloaded by clicking the link above.



The formula for successful punching

Analyzing four main factors, optimizing the result

Writer : Andy Spence-Parsons

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This is a very useful article which covers the four main factors to achieve an optimized punching result. These four factors are: the Punch, the Stripper, the Die and the Toolholder System.

The writer says that using high-quality tool steel along with designed metallurgical properties and good quality materials can help extend the life of the punching tool. He gave examples of using a small back taper to reduce pressure as well as a near – polished surface finish on the punch flank to reduce the friction while punching. He also explained the two important functions of the stripper during the punching cycles. The die’s clearance also plays a very important part in the punch process. He mentions that uniform die clearance around the punch’s periphery is critical in punching process. The last factor to obtain the optimum punching result is the Toolholder system. He says that the main function of the Toolholder system is to guide the punch tip to the centre of the die while holding the workpiece flat against the die’s top surface.

More information regarding all those four factors can be read online by clicking the link above. He also states that the right die clearance is paramount for punching success and that inspecting the slug during the punching process can help the operator/programmer to justify the correctness of the die clearance for current material thickness and type.

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