Turret Punch Press


(+) Very fast machine for sheet perforation compared to laser cut
(+) Able to create an image-based perforated sheet
(+) Very good for custom perforated sheet project or prototyping
(+) Suitable for one-off to middle volume fabrication
(+) Able to use cluster punch tool to reduce deformation and distortion
(+) Relatively high tolerance
(+) Easier setup time and programming compared to laser cut
(+) Can create perforated sheet metal with dimple format
(+) A counter-sunk hole can also be made during the perforating process, avoiding secondary processing



(-) Less uniformity and hole accuracy compared to a perforator machine
(-) Perforated material dimension is limited by the punching table and machine specification, especially the material width
(-) More deformation and distortion on workpiece because more tool hits/ stroke when manufacturing perforated metal
(-) Scratches and small marks/tool marks are unavoidable compared to laser cut