The Beauty of Perforated Metal’s World


The application of perforated sheet metal has been around for more than a century. I can remember my parent’s old stereo box which had a perforated sheet on the front face to guard the bass speaker and the twitter inside. Moreover, its appearance also looked cool and gave an elegant touch for our living room interior. Perforated material reminds me of the microwave in our kitchen as well as my wife’s utensils like a soup drainer, and our perforated plate for the steam pot. I also remember that even my bathroom’s water drain is made from perforated sheet metal. In short, there are lots of parts or components in our daily life made from perforated material.

In a wider and greater field, the applications of perforated sheet metal seem to be endless. According to IPA handbook (, perforated material can be used in many ways including covers, enclosure, separators or dividers, decorators and ventilators. It can also be used to control the passage of air, gases, liquids, light and sound.

The table below is a collection of examples where perforated material has been used as parts or components in many field of business and industries. Apart from the table below, the applications of perforated material for real world products or components are still limitless. The sky is the only limit.


Field Application
Architectural Building Stairways, floor,wall, door,shader, window, divider/partition, acoustical surface, display guard, fascia, bollard, etc
Automotive and Heavy weight equipment Muffler guard, front grill, anti-slip side step, speaker, oil filter, machine guard, belt guard, window, etc
Furniture and Appliance Cupboard, table, storage case, Microwave, bathroom drainage, dishwaser strainer, storage rack, etc
Interior and Exterior design Separator/divider, table, chair, seat, lighting, book shelves, etc
Food industries Pizza tray, baking tray, shelves,etc
Acoustical Application Speaker grill/cover, Resonant sound absorber, air flow diffuser


perforated metal building

perforated metal building

The picture above is of a unique building in Dominion Road, Auckland,  New Zealand. The architect used “obround” or “ oblong” shape for the perforated metal strip.


perforated metal building

Another application of perforated metal in an architectural building. Taken in St.Lukes Shopping Mall, Auckland, New Zealand


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