Perforator Machine VS Turret Punch VS Laser Cut

Perforating sheet metal is commonly done by using special metal perforating machinery. It can also be manufactured using a turret punch press. Nowadays, laser cutting can also produce perforated sheets like turret punch press and perforators. This was not possible a decade ago, but now engineers have sped up the performance of laser technology to new limits. In this page I will briefly point out the advantages and the disadvantages of each kind of machine that produces perforated and image-based perforated sheets for more specific purposes.

The list above shows that, to manufacture conventional perforated sheet metal with uses common patterns, the perforator machine is better. There is no other machine that can do perforation as efficiently fast and as accurately as the perforator machine. However, to create custom perforated sheet metal based on an image, as far as I know, the perforator machine would be likely not to be chosen. This will leave either the turret punch machine or the laser cut.

In term of speed, a turret punch will be cost-efficient to produce image-based perforated pattern. However, despite the fact that laser cutting is much slower than a turret punch to perform the same task, it does not have any restriction on the tooling library. In this case, the designer does not have to worry about selecting the tool to generate the image-based perforated pattern. In addition, laser cuts are able to be used for as many type of holes as are needed for the perforated pattern. Thus, this will create a perforated pattern that looks very like its original image.