General Introduction of Image2Punch

An introduction in using Image2Punch to generate image-based perforated pattern design from scratch to the final stage by saving it in  DXF file format. In this part, the movie is divided into 5 smaller movies to reduce the file size.


1. Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Image2Punch

This movie will explore the main component of Image2Punch and introduce its graphical user interface to make the user familiar with the program environmental.


2. Creating a New Image File

This movie will show the user how to create a new image document and  add some drawing shape by using the built-in basic shape feature in the Imaging Design phase.


3. The Imaging Design Phase

This movie will show the user the use of some feature in the Imaging Design phase. Unlike the previous movie, an existing document will be used , and the image will be manipulated by available image manipulation feature.


4. The Tooling Generation Phase

This movie will explore the general and basic capabilities in generating perforated pattern design baed on the image document in the previous movie.


5.The Perforated Pattern Design

This movie is the last part which will show how to refine the parameters needed to generate a better perforated pattern design by using available perforated pattern type ( i.e. circular, spiral, angle or square type).


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