Laser Cut



(+) Does not need a bank of die and tooling
(+) Able to create image-based perforated sheet
(+) Able to create perforated sheet from various material including plywood, MDF, plastics, rubber and acrylic
(+) Suitable for custom-made perforated metal sheet and one off job / prototyping
(+) Fewer scratches and marks compared to turret punch press or perforator machine
(+) Relatively greater accuracy compared to turret punch press
(+) Much greater flexibility because it does not need tooling.
(+) Better conversion on image-based perforated sheet because the variety of perforated holes is unlimited


(-) Very slow compared to turret punch press and perforator machine
(-) Expensive for small to large volume fabrication
(-) Can only produce relatively smaller size of perforated metal compared to turret punch press
(-) Produces a heat-affected zone (H.A.Z.)
(-) Operator skills and training setup are relatively higher and more important than turret punch operator