In Setup and Preparation Phase

  • Check all the selected punching tools’ positions and stations on the turret magazine against the list on the CNC program description. By doing this the operator can be sure to be using the same tool as the programming job description.
  • Check the material dimension, type and thickness before punching against the CNC program  description
  • Check the condition of the selected tool and die. This is critical and needs to be done before proceeding to any punching process. The tool and die should be as sharp as possible and all the dies should reflect the proper clearance specified on the programming job description/ lists. This is critical to ensure that the distortion and tool breakage will be avoided as much as possible.
  • Lubricate all the tools and dies to ensure a smooth punching process. Dull dies and tools need to be ground according to proper procedures before conducting the perforating process
  • Use PVC coating on material. To reduce and eliminate scratches, it is a good idea to cover the material with a PVC layer, on both sides if possible.
  • Position all the clamps into the exact position as prescribed on the programming job list. This is critical especially when repositioning is needed and the hole punch is close to the clamp punching allowable area.
  • Lubricate the material sheet according to the recommended lubrication material specified by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure the die position on the turret magazine is at the same height as other adjacent dies. This is to reduce distortion on the material sheet. If the die is too short, a proper shim needs to be used to make the height at the same level as other adjacent dies on the turret magazine.
  • Make sure the punching tool setting is not higher than its stripper to avoid any “catch”  during the punching process
  • Make sure the machine systems are lubricated properly. This is essential because the perforating process usually takes a longer time than the usual punching activity and we do not want to get a machine warning that the lubrication is running out. Never run the machine without proper lubrication in its system, to avoid machine failure.
  • Always make sure that the machine is properly warmed up. This is to ensure all the lubrication systems are properly working. Think about warming up a car before you use it in the morning.
  • Always, refer to the special instructions from your machine’s operational manual to get more information and avoid any problems during manufacturing perforated sheet metal. I also highly recommend reading Turret tooling maintenance manual for thick turret, thin turret and strippit® machines by Wilson Tooling International ( to gain more valuable information especially regarding tool and die punching recommendations and overcoming problems during the punching process.