Hole Pattern - Image2Punch Style


Besides all those uniform and conventional perforated patterns a new perforated pattern based on an image has also become available widely. This opens a new and exciting market opportunity for any perforated sheet metal project which can benefit both the supplier and the customer.

Basically, the perforated pattern is generated by capturing the image’s colour by using a specific calculation / algorithm, and then all information is translated in a sophisticated way to create a pleasant perforated pattern design which reflects the original image in some way. 

image based perforated pattern

image2punch style perforated pattern
The two pictures above are samples of image which have been converted into perforated pattern design and use circular pattern layout as its perforated layout. It has been generated and converted by Image2Punch Pro version 2.3

For more information about Image2Punch Software, please click this link: www.image2punch.com/overview

For more samples (Gallery page) about Image2Punch Software, please click this link: www.image2punch.com/gallery

There are some specialized perforated metal companies worldwide that have implemented this calculation and have produced many interesting perforated metal projects such as company logos, car park fascias, signage and many more. The technology belongs to them and is strictly not available outside their company.

Fortunately, since 2007, Aucad drafting has released its own technology, bundled as Image2Punch Software, to convert virtually any image into a perforated pattern design. Although Image2Punch is not the only or the first Software to convert an image into a perforated pattern design, it has been widely available worldwide for commercial purposes and so everybody can make their own perforated pattern designs and manufacture them independently as they please. In fact, it has become the leading commercial software for converting image into perforated pattern design since 2007.