CNC Programming and Manufacturing Consideration for perforated sheet metal by using CNC Turret Punch Press


In order to manufacture as smoothly as possible perforated sheet metal using a turret punch press, in this page I will list several tips and checklists as well as precautions when producing perforated metal. All these tips and tricks are based on my own experience as a CNC programmer and an operator of a turret punch press machine.  Some knowledge has also been gained through reading articles and operating manuals from sources such as turret punch machine manufacturer and tool and die suppliers.

I would never claim that all these tips and checklists are best general practice in manufacturing perforated metal (especially in CNC turret punch press). Moreover, all these tips, checklists and precautions may not suit your particular type of CNC machinery or your CNC turret punch software/programming.

I am always pleased if the information in this page is useful for you and has given you some ideas and tips to be combined with your own best CNC practices. If you have any recommendations to improve these tips and the checklist, please do not hesitate to contact me or write a comment.


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