Tutorial 3: Applying Cluster Recognition


This Tutorial is dedicated to Image2Punch’s users who want to implement the cluster recognition feature in reducing the number of tool hits for manufacturing image-based perforated sheet metal on a CNC Turret Punch Machine.

However, this tutorial discusses only the calculation and step-by-step procedures in using cluster recognition feature from the design concepts up to the generation of DXF file produced by Image2Punch software. General information is also given in this chapter when the a DXF file containing the desired image-based perforated pattern with cluster recognition is used to generate the CNC code by using CAD/CAM Turret Punch software.

This tutorial does not discuss the step-by-step procedures in generating CNC code from dedicated CAD/CAM software for Turret Punch as well as the procedure in manufacturing perforated sheet metal by using cluster punch. All the information regarding those techniques and procedures can be obtained from your CAD/CAM software and the technical manual guidelines of your turret punch machine as well as the supplier of your cluster punch tools.