The Application Interface

The Image2Punch Software’s application interface consists of a group of toolbars and a docking bar that can be completely customized to your needs.  You may decide which toolbars stay open or closed, and whether they are docked to the application window edge or are "free floating" on your desktop.   Having set up your environment, that is the position of all toolbars and the Navigator Bar, the application automatically opens with the same settings the next time you start Image2Punch Software. The Navigator Bar may be shown or hidden though we recommend it be kept open as it contains the feature commands in the form of buttons and/or graphical buttons.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

Image2Punch Pro windows with a document in floating window


When you open an existing digital image or create a new digital image, you are directed to the Imaging Design Environment. To go to the Tooling Generation Environment, just click the Tooling tab on the Navigator Bar.

Perforate Sheet Metal Design by Image2punch

The tab switch in the navigator bar

The Navigator Bar panel interface will differ from one environment to another. In the Imaging Design Environment, the Navigator Bar is divided into a group of four panels. The first panel consists of graphical buttons for creating shapes and text (e.g. Solid Polygons). The second panel consists of buttons for adjusting images. The third is a collection of buttons for performing pixel manipulation of the digital image. All the buttons in the last panel focus to perform pixel dislocation of the digital image.

In the Tooling Generation Environment, there a group of five panels. The first panel focuses on selecting the tool before the perforated pattern is generated. In this you may define the minimum gap clearance between tools. The second panel focuses on selecting the perforated pattern type. The next two panels focus on how the data from the image is extracted to define which selected tool is appropriate to represent the data from the image document. The last panel concentrates on material property and sheet dimension[s].

Like the panel interface of the Navigator Bar, the Document Design Screen will also be different in both phases. In the Imaging Design Environment, the screen shows the digital image. In Tooling Generation Environment, the screen shows the perforated pattern design.