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Perforated Pattern Design

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Perforated metal design by Image2Punch Perforated metal design by Image2Punch Perforated metal design by Image2Punch Perforated metal design by Image2Punch Perforated metal design by Image2Punch Perforated metal design by Image2Punch

In Design and Development

You may use the perforated metal pattern design (in DXF file format) to create digitally perforated sheet metal as an integral component of your 3D presentations.


In Manufacturing Process

The perforated metal pattern design may be used as a tooling layout to generate a G-Code file which you may in turn use to create custom perforated sheetmetal using CNC Machine such as the Turret Punch or the Laser Cutting machine.

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Perforated Metal Software to Create a New Market Opportunity in Sheetmetal Perforation Project

The Photograph of a Statue was taken in William Ricketts Sanctuary - Melbourne


Why Image2Punch ?


Publicly Available

There could be few similar purposes software to generate pattern based on an image, but my long research and study says that Image2Punch is one of the few of its kind that available for you! You may see some innovative image-based perforated pattern applications in Australia and New Zealand, or in another part of the world, but you may wonder how they were produced and what kind of software were used for it.


Image2Punch exists because there were no commercial software available to purchase for this purposes since 2007!


Please do not wait ! Ask me to get the download link to try Image2Punch for expanding and creating a new innovative business, especially in sheet metal perforation for industrial project.



Unique & Innovative


Unlike common perforated sheet metal which usually has a uniform perforation pattern, Image2Punch allows you to create a customized perforation pattern based on your favorite picture. The physical perforated metal based on the custom perforated pattern using Image2Punch may be applied to:

  • Architectural products
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Cabinet making products 
  • Signage and advertisement projects
  • Pollution control devices
  • Lighting decoration and Art image sculpturing
  • Sound suspension
  • Metal Cladding Imaging
  • Car Park Interior wall and sun screen/shader
  • decorative and artistic perforated pattern partition and screen
  • Virtually any other possible application you might name


Easy & Intuitive

It was developed and programmed by an experienced CNC programmer as well as CAD draftsperson in the sheet metal and fabrication industries. All controls and graphical buttons illustrate the command features associated with them.


Freedom & Flexibility

As Full License Software Product: Image2Punch Pro and Image2Punch Lite, you may convert your perforated pattern straight away at your own convenience. Comes with more powerful feature to print and save your perforated pattern design. Learn More!

As Free License Software Product: Image2Punch Genesis, you may download and use Image2Punch Genesis FREE. You only pay for the result not the Software. Learn More!